Wp Google Map Short Code

This plugin will enable short code that you can use Google Maps in any WordPress post or page.

Maps are displayed with the below short code:

[google_map address=”Elizabeth St Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia” zoom=”15″ desc=”Wp Google Map ShortCode” icon=”http://google-maps-icons.googlecode.com/files/sailboat-tourism.png” ]


[google_map lat=”36.7782610″ long=”-119.4179324″ zoom=”15″ desc=”Wp Google Map ShortCode” icon=”http://google-maps-icons.googlecode.com/files/sailboat-tourism.png”]

You can displayed Map using address or latitude and longitude.

*address = “add location name to display on map” or *lat = “add latitude” *long = “add longitude”

desc = “add desc for tooltip on map” icon = “add custom icon url for Google map marker otherwise it display default icon”

screenshot-3 (1)


screenshot-2 (1)


Download here